Passionate About Stories

Ever since I was a kid, I loved telling stories and exploring the outdoors.  Over the years, I've worked as a copywriter for ad agencies, features writer, and even spent a couple of decades as a communications director for big nonprofits.

My words have been used to sell fitness programs, fried chicken, nuclear waste, college initiatives, and politicians' dreams.


In 2018, I launched Ronin Creative Group to help cool clients tell cool stories. As a copywriter, I create money-making emails for e-commerce and training brands. As a content strategist, I craft compelling content that brings eyeballs, referral links, and provides value to your readers. I also work in a bit of SEO pixie dust to make Google happy.


If I'm not behind the computer, I'm exploring the Southwest outdoors with my dogs (aka, "The Team"), family, or pressing metal strings against a piece of wood as a semi-professional bassist in Las Vegas.


If you're really bored and want to know more,  check out my LinkedIn profile or...the more entertaining FAQs .


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