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What’s the Best Way to Lose Money Marketing Your Next Event?

When it comes to marketing an event, you’re leaving money on the table with every email you don’t send.

“I don’t want to be seen as spamming my readers” is something I’ve heard from several entrepreneurs when we talk about their email marketing.

I get it.

No one wants to be annoying.

Some people have a fear that sending too many emails to their subscribers will be seen as pesky.

And they’re right...if you’re inundating their inbox with crap.

I’ve lost count of how many craptacular event emails I’ve received that just give me registration details or worse, a list of speakers. If I’m lucky, they may give me some information about the agenda.

You want me to spend $500 because you sent me an email flyer?

You always have to remember that people subscribed to your list because they want a transactional relationship. They’ll give you time and inbox space if you provide something valuable in each and every email you send.

Here’s how you do that with your event email marketing:

  1. Share the benefits that come from attending the event. Most people market the features. Show how attending the event will make the attendee’s life better.

  2. Remind them to register again and again and again.

Kind of like this…

Share benefits through stories

Don’t be lazy and just rely on the event agenda and speaker’s bio to move people to sign up.

Show them how the information they’ll learn will change their lives. Tell them how the speaker’s experience is relevant to the course.

Share testimonials from past attendees and how the event transformed them from point A to point B.

Explain what they’ll be learning and how that information is relevant to solving a problem they have.

Do all of that in separate emails.

Keep Reminding Them

You have to understand that people are flakes when it comes to registering for events. They always wait for the last minute to sign up. Why?

Email’s greatest strength: rapid information flow, is also its weakness: making it far too easy for everyone to use their inboxes to procrastinate making a decision.

According to psychologist Dr. Joseph Ferrari, “We [Americans] are a nation of ‘doers’ but we are also, like people from other industrialized nations, a people of ‘waiters.’”

You need your emails to help your prospects move from waiter to doer.

People may want to register for your awesome event but might have to check with their boss. Or schedule vacation time. Or wait until later when they have a credit card handy.

Between now and that amorphous later, your lone email will be buried under 129 other emails. At that point, they probably have forgotten about your event. This is why you need to send more than a couple of emails. You need to stay on top of that inbox pile.

A client recently generated over $4,800 in revenue from just adding four emails to their event sequence in the hours leading up to the registration deadline. Now, that’s not record-breaking money by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s an extra $1,200 for each email they sent.

How many daily emails would you send if each one put $1,200 in your pocket?

This isn’t rocket surgery.

Another client quadrupled their enrollment in a training course by sending a handful of story-centric emails using the sequence I’ll share with you in the next article. If you need help communicating with your prospects and customers or getting your email marketing ramped up, let’s talk.


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