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What Farmers Can Teach Us About Marketing

If you rely on Facebook and Instagram for the bulk of your advertising, I hope the recent shutdowns haven’t hurt too much.

These mini marketing meltdowns reminds me of a critical business (and poultry farming) principle:

Don't put your eggs in one basket.

As you can see from this article ("When Facebook goes down, an economy goes with it"), businesses that relied solely on a single platform to get in front of their customers did not have a fun day.

Compare that to what you're experiencing now:

I'm sending you an email from my contact list which I own.

I will always have the ability to communicate with you (unless you unsubscribe).

This is why I'm frequently on my bully pulpit preaching that you need to be building your list and sharing your stories:

  1. Every time you create content (website, YouTube, podcasts, etc.), share it with your list and ask them to share it with their friends.

  2. In that content, always ask people to sign up to your list.

  3. Improve your relationship with those people on your list by providing value (educational content, exclusive sales, lifestyle, and so on) and authentic story-based emails.

  4. Rinse and repeat.

In today's world with tech shutdowns and chaotic social & political climates that decide whether or not your business can advertise on a specific can't give someone like Facebook/Instagram that much control over your business.

That just makes you too vulnerable.

Yes, Facebook and Instagram can be incredibly effective engagement and brand lifestyle tools. I love them for that reason.

But remember, the only real asset you own is your email list and the relationship you have with your subscribers.

If you need help communicating with your prospects and customers or getting your email marketing ramped up, let’s talk.


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